11 Tips for choosing the best Keurig coffee maker

Like many other products, the fact that a Keurig is good or not doesn’t depend on how much it cost, but what it gives you. And below are some of the key factors that you should consider for the best Keurig. Keep reading!


Real reviews

Reading reviews by official producers and former users is one of the first thing you should do when it comes to choosing a real Keurig machine for yourself. Among a lot of precious knowledge in the reviews, pay more attention to user’s ratings and check the model of higher-rating first. Also, read the reviews carefully to be clear about the model which has satisfied the users most. The drawbacks coming with each are also worth checking. After find some of the most reliable models, go into details about each and decide on one.

The brewer’s size

Like many other appliances, keurig is available with models of different size. So let’s consider the size of the place that you are about to place it, and then choose the model which goes with the space.

The time length that it takes you each brewing

Normally, a Keurig takes you less than one minute to brew a cup of coffee, on condition that the water in the reservoir is hot water, however, there are some models, for instance, the Mini Plus), do not come with a reservoir, which makes the brewing time increase to two or three minutes. However, this amount of time is still much less than a standard coffee maker.

Water reservoir’s design and size

Water reservoir is the part which decides how much time each brewing takes. A Keurig with larger water reservoir will have hot water available for you whenever you want to brew a cup of hot coffee. The one with one-cup reservoir, in contrast, requires to have water added each brewing.

Cup size options

Keurig can serve you a single cup for one drinker or a small carafe for more than one. So what is your drinking habit? Is a single cup enough? If not, consider the one of carafe.

Heating water feature

Keurig often offers features to heat water for instant oatmeal, hot chocolate, hot tea, so on. But if you do not use this feature very often, you can check the one which has a hot water dispenser button, allowing to on or off the feature.

Reusable my K-Cup or not

If you are concerned about protecting the environment or you are fed up with having to replace your K-cup every time, you had better choose the model accepting a reusable My K-Cup filter or a reusable filter. If you prefer a commercial machine, the recommended model is the K155 as it accepts reusable filter.

Noiseless operation

Fortunately, most of the Keurig models are noiseless when operating as they are designed with Quiet brew technology. The excepted model of Office Pro and K10 Mini Plus do not have that feature but the sound it makes when running is not overwhelming as other models are.

Energy- saving feature

Most of the Keurig models can be set to automatically shut down a minute and a half after the brewing is done. Only the Office Pro doesn’t have this feature which stays activated for up to two hours.

Special programming features

If you want to have a cup of fresh coffee ready once you get up every morning, look for the  model with special programming feature which allows you to program to have a cup of coffee brown automatically!

Plumbing kit to add water

If you are bored with adding water into the water reservoir each brewing, we recommend checking a commercial model, which is available with pluming kit to pour water. The B150 is a great choice for commercial use while the B155 and the K145 is effective at both commercial and home use.

In conclusion, these are 11 most important factors which decide whether a Kurig works fine for you or not. They are all simple and easy to follow but guarantee great result. So are you planning to invest in a new Keurig? Stand up and start shopping right now!

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