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How to descale a Keurig


Why to descale a Keurig?

Descaling is the process in which you try to remove every mineral built in your Keurig, normally limescale. This limescale is common debris in brewers, and it is most easily formed when the tap water you use to brew drinks includes a high level of minerals. It appears to be a hard white substance building up in coffee makers. This buildup, after certain period of time, will be likely to clog lines or become broken in small pieces, causing the improper operation of the feeding line fail and water reservoir in the Keurig. Continue reading

How to clean a Keurig coffee maker


Keurig owners tend to clean their machines in two most popular methods, general method- using soap and dish detergent- which should be done regularly, and using vinegar- which should be some two to four times every year, up to your frequency of using the machine. My honest article today will show you how to perform these two methods correctly. Continue reading