BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer Review

Are you looking for reliable information about a so-called BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home coffee brewer? So this article is really for you. Here we would like to walk you through complete and trustworthy knowledge about the reputed machine.

BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer

What is exactly BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer?

The BUNN MCU Single Cup is a high quality single coffee maker which claims to give you fresh coffee right at your home. It is an ideal choice to those who want to brew several kinds of beverage, like coffee, tea, and so on with just one machine. It has up to four interchangeable drawers, corresponding to 4 different kinds of drinks for you to choose from each brewing. Let’s learn more about this great brewer with the below details.

What are the main features

The BUNN MCU Single Cup comes with dozen amazing features, and below is a quick look at it.

  • It allows you to brew K-Cup, ground coffee, tea, and more
  • It is designed with Cup, Ground Coffee, Pod and Hot Water Drawers as well
  • It has Pulse Brew option for bolder flavor if you want
  • It is able to offer between 4 and 14 ounce of content each serving
  • It has a removable drip tray which can match almost every travel mug
  • The K-Cup coming with it is a registered trademark of Keurig, Incorporated

And below are more explanations about the feature.

Solid Performance

Like any other other appliances, performance rules the day, BUNN give a priority to performance when making BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home, so solid performance is one of the first things that Bunn is proud of their product. It promises to always deliver nice-tasting drinks in as little as a minute.

Personally, I have never had any problems with this machine, but some users complained that their machines often get dirty valves because their machines do not use water filters. This issue, in fact, is easy to deal with, and you can totally resolve yourself by watching some online videos

A wide ranges of options

A wide range of options is another thing that Bunn impresses users. I like the various options that it offers. I’ve discovered more than 200 kinds of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, cider that I can choose from. Amazingly, you can make loose-leaf tea, even instant noodles or any other things which need very hot water with this machine. This load of options is available because the machine has innovative interchangeable trays which are specially designed to meet users’ various demands. They are able to work with K-cups, ground coffee, loose tea, tea bags, and soft compostable coffee and tea pods as well. You can also make use of the piping hot water to make instant noodles for lunch or a speedy bowl of your favored oatmeal for your breakfast.

But that’s not all, the beverages made with the machine are all claimed to be great-tasting. I like the option of pulse brew which allows me to make my coffee stronger. Also, I’m impressed by the nice and neat but functional drawers. And the beverages are always in its right flavors as they should be with no hint of anything.

Small Space-Saving Footprint

This The BUNN MCU single serving is measured a bit more than 16×9 inches, which means that it will occupy a small space in your counter and can be become a decoration.  And because of small footprint like this, this machine has small tradeoff, instead of a large reservoir inside. The top-mounted water reservoir is able to contain fourteen ounces of water for max, which means that you can still get much coffee enough to fill a travel mug. Speaking about the tradeoff, this is normally known as the tallest travel mugs that cannot be put under the spout. However, there are also some lower-profile large capacity travel mugs which can fit the place fine, so I don’t consider this a limitation.

Easy usability

Like most other single-serve brewers, the BUNN MCU is easy to set up as well as to use. Simply select your desired a drawer, add your desired content and pour a proper amount of water into the top reservoir, and finally press the brew button. If you want to have a bit stronger coffee or tea, choose the pulse brew option to slow down the extraction and make the flavor bolder as well. As soon as finishing brewing, clean your drawer to get it ready for the next brewing time.

What are the good?

BUNN MCU has impressed users with a lot of things, and below are some of the most impressive things.

  • It comes with a multi-function. You can use it to make wide ranges of wonderful things, including K-Cups, coffee grounds and a lot of other soft pods
  • It works professionally with several separate brewing drawers
  • It allows you to make your coffee stronger with the pulse brew option
  • It is able to give you your preferred coffee within less than one minute
  • The small footprint makes it look charming in your kitchen. You do not have to worry about your small-space kitchen to have this machine inside

What are the cons?

This machine doesn’t have a lager water reservoir as other brewers do, so many users worry that it cannot serve a number of users. But as it is mentioned earlier, it has top-mounted water reservoir, which allows you to brew up to fourteen ounces of water a brewing. So it is not really a limiting factor here.

What are common wonders about the product

We’ve got a lot of questions from users related to the BUNN MCU and here we would like to quote some of the most common questions. The answer to each question is presented right under the question.

“Some people said that the BUNN MCU’s parts are sometimes defective. Is this true?”

Personally, I also have heard some bad reviews concerning about defective parts. Then I myself checked with some real users about this. But they all agreed that they have never the problem before. I myself have never had it, either. Until now, I have been satisfied with my choice and happy with the way machine has been worked.

“I want hot coffee, about 150 degrees. So how hot is the coffee made by the machine, at the time it coming out of the machine, of course?”

Yeah, you should never worry about the temperature, it’s always hot while brewing, almost 200 degrees. And the coffee coming out of the machine is as hot as 160 degrees. I used to to pour milk to my coffee, and the result is that it stays extremely hot in spite of the addition of cold liquid.

“How many cup size options does it give?”

Most single serve coffee maker introduces specific cup size settings, but this unit doesn’t. You can add an amount of water between 4 and 14 ounces, up to the beverage that you are making. I personally adjust the amount I want by a glass measuring cup.

“Does it offer different strength settings?”

Not really, but it offers pulse brew option which helps to push the water through a bit more slowly so that more flavor is extracted, and the coffee is bolder. If you like strong coffee, you can use that function, or you can use a compostable coffee pod or the ground coffee drawer.”

“Can I program automatic brew?”

No. But you can add coffee into its place the night before and add water in the next morning, then you will have your fresh first cup of coffee in just about one minute.

“Can I use this machine to make ice tea or iced coffee?”

The BUNN MCU has no setting for iced tea or coffee. alternatively, you can add ice into a glass, then make the beverage with about half the water that you often use to brew normal coffee, after that, pour milk, cold water, juice, or other mixers to make cold beverages.

You yourself can also raise questions if you have. So please let us know your problem if any, and then we will help you to deal with it.

The BUNN MCU coffeemaker is a powerful coffee maker to invest in. It offers nice-tasting beverages and delivers hot water as well, allowing you to make many different wonderful things, using a small machine only. So what do you think about having a machine to make any beverages you want right at your house? Let’s make an order to ring this amazing machine right now!

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