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How To Replace The Coffee Press Filter?

How To Replace The Coffee Press Filter

Coffee Press or French Press is one of the most favorite coffee makers around the world. It impresses users with stronger coffee flavor and simple but effective performance. But do you know what the main part that makes the machine different from others is? That is filter; however, French Press filter easily gets worn out after extended use and need to be replaced. My honest article today will show you how to replace the coffee French Press filter correctly to have fine coffee in the end. Let’s take a look, you will find things so easy and you can total do yourself without having to ask for help from a mechanic. Continue reading

How to Prime a Keurig Coffee Maker?

You may have run into the “Prime” error message at one time with your Keurig machine. It is because of the fact that the water can run through the reservoir, which is caused by the out-of- alignment water reservoir, dirty reservoir, or debris clogged needles. Luckily, these issues are all easy to fix just by cleaning your brewer and checking with a water brew cycle. Below are detailed instructions on what to clean and how to clean each. Continue reading

How to empty water from a Keurig?

How- to-empty-water-from-a-Keurig

Speaking about water in a Keurig, we think of the two parts first, they are Water Reservoir and the Keurig Coffee Pot. So when it comes to emptying water from a Keurig, we immediately think about emptying water from these two parts. My complete article today will walk you through steps to empty water from both of the parts: Continue reading