What Are Common Problems Of Keurig Coffee Maker And How To Deal With Them

As a Keurig user, you may have run into problems with it at one time. What did you do to solve this? And how were the situation then? My reliable article today will address some common problem with Keurig coffee makers and solutions to deal with them. Keep reading, you may need it one time in the future.


Remained beverages like tea ground and K-cup coffee stick around your K-cup holder and result in water line clog

Take out and descale the needle puncturing then brew a cleansing cycle to remove any residual. This process makes sure that every left-over debris is eliminated and your brew is ready for you to start your next brew.

Your Keurig suddenly shuts off while you are brewing

Take out the water reservoir and immediately reinstall it. The reason to do so is that the reservoir’s magnet reservoir may get dislodged while brewing due to the vibrations.

The machine messages that it is not ready to start

This issue requires some steps to be solved:

  • Turn off the brewer and disconnect it
  • Remove the water reservoir
  • Repeat the two steps after 5 minutes waiting
  • Reinstall the water reservoir, press the menu button, and wait until the “not ready” message appears, lower handle

There is a blink of blue light in your water reservoir

Pour more water into the reservoir. Keurig machines can only work when they are provided with certain amount of water to start the brewing process, so once the reservoir lacks water, the machine cannot activate.

Water filter assemble

This is problem of models with the water filter only. So here are three easy-to-follow steps to insert a water filter to your machine:

  • Shake the whole filter with cold water in about five seconds
  • Put the filter at the end of the Water Handle Assembly
  • Set a two-month-timing dial to remind yourself of the next time to replace it

Your brewer gives a short cup, or even no coffee at all. The dripping is so slow

The reason of such problem may be that the exit needle is blocked with coffee grounds. It happens when someone tries to take the lid out of a k-cup and tries to brew, or when the K-Cup itself was not correctly sealed at the factory. The grounds may stick the small exit needle, resulting in the brewer giving a short cup or even no coffee. In this case, you should disassemble the K-Cup “holder” and thoroughly rinse it with warm water, in the direction from both the top and bottom sides. This is common solution. But if the needle still stays blocked, use compressed air as another solution.

The machine doesn’t run the brewing, the pressure is low and the cup is not full to the top

This issue is popular among the machines which were made between the end of 2009 into and the late spring of 2010. And it is called pump issues. So to deal with this issue, you had better contact the Keurig or check your warranty as you will get those defective models replaced.

The descale light sends signal

This light is on means that your machine has a built-up mineral deposit which causes the machine not to brew properly. So to have the brewer work properly again, there is no alternatives way but descale it. And here is steps to solve the issue:

  • Make the water reservoir empty
  • Pour a proper amount of white vinegar in the reservoir
  • Insert a  ceramic cup on the drip tray. Note this because you are advised not to insert a K-Cup in the brewer
  • Have the machine started working by pushing the brew button
  • Empty the cup into a sink
  • Repeat the procedure until the reservoir is really clean
  • Make the reservoir dry and pour clean water in it
  • Let the machine be on with vinegar in the reservoir within 4 hours
  • Put an empty ceramic cup on the drip tray again to catch the recently-brewed content
  • Have the machine started brewing and remove the contents in a sink
  • Repeat the process as long as the water reservoir is empty
  • As everything is ok, the light will be off

Yeah, simply and easy to do, not only these solutions can help to make your machine work immediately; they also contribute to ensuring that your machine will work effectively for a long time.

What Are Common Problems Of Keurig Coffee Maker And How To Deal With Them
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