Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System Review

As its name suggests, my honest keurig k45 elite review today will provide you with the most basic information about this leading coffee maker.

Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System

Keurig K45 Elite Introduction

Keurig k45 elite (or Keurig K45, B45, Keurig Elite B40, or K40) is one of the most high-quality and durable items in Keurig single cup system. Letters “B” and “K” attached indicate allocation channels. And all of the name will be used actively in this keurig k45 review, so don’t misunderstand that they refer to different products.

The Keurig K45 Elite have been launched under several versions. Each of version is remarkable for a different aspect. Of which, the clearest difference lies on the number of the cup sizes that the machine introduces. Particularly, while the older version of Keurig B40/K40 and B45 comes with two cup sizes, the K45/B45 introduces three cup sizes. The other difference is shown through the availability of water filters. While some version has water filters, some others don’t. About the rest features, the three versions appear to be similar. So are  you curious to learn more about these three versions? Let’s move on to the next part of our review.

What are the main features?

This great coffee maker is highlighted with some of the features as follow:

  • It is an ideal singe-use coffee maker for individual
  • It is designed with technology of K-Cup Brewing
  • It offers 2 or 3 options of cup sizes
  • It comes with 4 different colors, including black, blue, rhubard, patriot, coconut white.
  • It has 48-ounce water container
  • Water filters may be available or not, depending on the version. Check the product description or the box to confirm
  • The drip tray is removable
  • It offers option of auto-off
  • It makes no noise when operating

These pros are based on the manufactures information, the real users ideas and  specific keurig k45 review, so they are not exaggerated at all. You experience the unit yourself to check what we’ve said.

What are most users eager to learn?

What types of coffee can be used?

Keurig k45 Elite Brewing System Black is built with K-Cups with over 250 flavors of not only coffee but also other beverages.

Unlike Keurig 2.0 which operates with K-cups of Keurig, this unit is supposed to brew any K-cups with no consideration of what K-cup is it. As a result, you are free to brew your beloved ground coffee with my K-cup reusable filter. There are several reusable filters which match the machine.

What types of coffee to make?

This great coffee maker promises to offer you a variety of flavors namely, flavored coffee, dark roast light roast and decaf.  Various coffee brands like Starbuck, Espresso, are also possible.

The K-cups built in this brewing system are supposed to serve single. However, you can still make the second brewing with the same K-cups, and of course, be ready that the second brewing is not as strong as the first one.

What about the reusable filters?

The including of the reusable filters in the machine makes it possible for you to brew your favorite coffee. Apart from My K-Cup filter, you have some more replacements, like Ekobrew, EZ-cup or Solofill. Some users informed  that there were some grounds with their coffee when they used reusable filters. So it is suggested that  you should consider the reusable filters which allow paper inserts. Why? Yes, the paper insert helps to stop the grounds from clogging the cup, making it easier to clean the machine: simply take out the paper filter which includes grounds and wash and dry the filter container.

Reusable filters don’t cost you much and are sold separately. If you always need to have a cup of coffee to start your day,  you can by some filters at the same time and replace them within a week.

Is Water filter available?

Actually, water filter is not a must-have part in a coffee maker. So while some most versions of Keurig Elite 45 introduce a water filter, some others don’t (check through the product box or product description). If your machine is available with the part and you don’t like using it, you can choose to turn it off.

Ok, turn back with the details of water filter. The author’s objectives of adding this component to the machine is to remove sulpher as well as other flavors in the drink so that they best tasting coffee will be produced in the end. But keep in mind that it doesn’t deal with minerals which form residue inside the unit. You’d better do cleaning regularly so that your machine will alsways work properly.

What water types are recommended?

Keurig suggest that you use filtered water. Water from tap is acceptable but stay away from softened too hard water as it includes much mineral.

Whatever water type you are using, “scale” can be formed inside the machine, especially your water is high in calcium and some other minerals. This formation is bad for the machine’ operation, so plan to clean your machine periodically. There is  also an alert when cleaning is necessary, but it only works after you do settings and it doesn’t show you how much sale is formed inside.

How cold should the water be?

Water temperature is allowed in most models of Keurig, apart from Keurig B40 or K45 models. You can adjust the water temperature to 192 degree at which you can brew the best tasting coffee and other hot beverages as well. The adjusted water temperature is used during the brewing process and it only changes when it gets dispensed.

Normally, the proper water temperature to brew coffee with an insulated cup is between 180 and 185 degree and a bit higher when brewing in a ceramic cup. The colder the cup is, the lower the water temperature is required.

Plus, the first coffee cup which is made immediately after you turned on the maker or the cup which has been left for a while will get slightly cooler. If you don’t like this, you can choose to brew a small cup without a K-cup, by this way, you will produce hot water which can make all inside tube and the cup warmer.

How much coffee is brewed each serving?

The amount of coffee in each serving varies among the Keurig version. Keurig B40/K40 introduces two cup size options, 6 and 8 ounces or 8 and 10 ounces. Keurig 45 offers 2 or 3 options, 8 and 10 ounces or 6,8 and 10 ounces and the K45 gives three options, 6,8 or 10 ounces. Check the product description or the product box to determine this.

Note that K-cups allow t pre-measurement. So you yourself can control your coffee’s strength through the amount of water to pour in for brewing. If you want the very strong coffee, then you should choose the cup size of 6 ounces or the cups which are marked “Extra Bold” since they offer up to 30% more coffee ground compared to regular K-cups.

In another case, if you need to brew a lager coffee mugs, then you may have to brew twice and pour the coffee together into the mug. Use can choose to use the same k-cup for both brewing times or, pick up a new K-cup for coffee to stay strong.

How long is the brewing?

As you turn on the machine, Keurig Elite needs 3 to 4 minutes to reach brewing temperature. And then it needs under one minute more to produce a fresh cup of coffee.

Is it able to turn off automatically?

Definitely yes. The auto shutoff feature is included, allowing the machine to turn itself off about two hours since the last cup is finished. Of course, this auto only works when you let the auto off option on.

What and how many colors are available?

The Keurig K45 offers 4 color options, including Black, patriot blue, coconut white and rhubarb. All are matched with silver gray trim.

The black is a real black which looks strong, solid and clean with the trim.

The patriot blue is a good-looking royal blue. Rather than be as dark as navy, it is somehow lighter and more vivid. Rather than a bright blue, it is just a good-looking rich royal blue, one more time.

The coconut white is standard white which fits with the while appliances, giving the unit a very great look.

How to control the machine?

The Elite controlling is done through manual push-button. Green lights are to indicate that the unit is on and whether the auto off feature is used or not. Red lights are to show you that the machine is ready to work and it needs to be cleaned. Blue lights alert that it’s time to add water. There are also buttons to choose the cup size.

What is in the box?

The Elite full package includes:

  • Coffee maker (of course)
  • Water filter (maybe available or not, check the box or product description)
  • Quick-start instruction
  • Manuals for users
  • K-cup

How is the warranty?

The Elite system comes with a one-year warranty on the condition that the defects are caused under normal use at home. The warrant won’t be invalid if you yourself take out the machine and try to fix it.

How is the customer service?

The customer service is available to help you with the machine’s performance 7 days a week. You can choose to contact by phones during working time or by emails at any times.

The issues on refunds and replacement are in charged by the seller. The replacements available include K-cup containers, internal reservoirs and drip trays.

What are the pros of the machine?

The Elite brewing system is highlighted with some of the good things below:

  • It is a basic and firm single coffee maker which is easy to use
  • It offers coffee of various flavors, imply by using different K-cups.
  • Rather than coffee of various flavors, it also allows you to make tea and other hot and iced beverages as well.
  • It is messy-free and easy to descale thanks to K-cups
  • Because it is designed with the initial K-cup brewing technology, rather than K-cup by Keurig, the system accepts to work with K-cup by other production
  • It works with any reusable water filter, so you can purchase an item separately yourself to brew your own favorite ground coffee.
  • You can choose the desired cup size as each model comes with at least 2 cup size options.
  • It is able to give you a fresh cup of coffee within under one minute.
  • There are 4 nice color options for you to choose from
  • It is quite when working, so don’t worry about interrupting other’s sleep in early morning.

What are the cons?

Beside a lot of good things above, the machine has some not very good things. Keep reading the information below:

  • It allows a limited amount of coffee each brewing- in range of 6 ounces to 10 ounces only.
  • Large cup sizes with more water brew weaker coffee.
  • It requires regular cleaning for proper performance

How have users rated the system?

Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System, Patriot Blue

Most users share that they are satisfied with the nice tasting coffee brewed with this easy to use coffee maker. They also highly appreciate the machine’s capacity to brew ground coffee, using reusable coffee filters.

The user support is also highly appreciated. It is active and dedicated to dealing with any issues users report. The replacement unit is also sent quickly when necessary.

The fact that the machine is noise-free when working also gets high votes. Users feel free to brew their fresh cup of coffee whenever they want without worrying about interrupting other people.

The common complaint with this system is that it sometimes begins with partial cup of coffee. The actual reason behind this is that the water flows are not clear enough. So to fix this mistake, simply clean the current needle and clean the machine more often.  If the situation seems to unchanged, then think of cleaning the entrance needle also, by this way, you can remove all coffee particles in the machine.

Some experienced users suggest slightly pressing the K-cup down  in the direction of the lower needle to relief the interior air pressure before closing the lid. This will help to stop the trapped air from clogging into the entrance needle.

Those who are not satisfied with the weak coffee are recommended trying other K-cup flavors until they feel the coffee strong enough. The “extra bold+ K-cups are also suggested as they offer up to 30% more coffee ground, and produce stronger coffee in the end.

Like other Keurig coffee makers, Elite system is able to brew nice tasting coffee but is not ideal to make espresso. However, that is just an added recipe.  If you want espresso to be your main purpose, you had better invest in an espresso machine.

Final words

In conclusion, Keurig k45 elite  is a good brewing system to invest in. Rather than make nice tasting coffee as your preference, it also allows making hot chocolate and cold drinks. All are available in various flavors and sizes to choose. In addition to this, it’s easy to clean and operate and power-saving. You can check some other Keurig K45 review for more information if you want. So if you are planning to buy a coffee maker, I highly recommend listing this system into the list of choice.

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