How To Make Coffee With A French Press?

French Press is an ideal method to brew nice-coffee yourself. It is attractive in not only appearance but also in great quality. It promises to give you coffee of your exact preference thanks to various adjustments that you can make. The whole process takes you around 5 to 8 minutes. My complete review today will show you how to brew coffee with a French Press. Keep reading!


What To Prepare?

To make 32 ounces of coffee (or 3 to 4 servings), you need to prepare:


  • 1/2 cup of freshly-roasted coffee beans
  • 4 cups of cold water


  • A burr grinder
  • A French Press (It is suggested preparing the device with the capacity of at least 32 ounces)
  • A stovetop kettle  or an electric kettle
  • Thermometer ( This device is not compulsory.)
  • A long spoon

How To Do?

Once the ingredients and the tools are ready, it’s time to start brewing. And here are detail steps to conduct the process. Let’s follow carefully to get fine result in the end.

1. Add A Proper Amount Of Coffee Beans

Prepare about 1/2 cup of coffee beans in. (If you want to make less than 32 ounces, the amount maybe less)

2. Grind The Coffee Beans

Grind the recently-prepared coffee beans, using the coarsest setting in a burr grinder. In case you do not have a burr grinder, then you can sharp pulses in a blade grinder instead, with pause after couple seconds to overturn the grinder and shake it constantly while grasping the lid on. At the end of the process, the coffee grounds should be coarse and rough, but in uniformly-sized and shouldn’t have too much fine grit. In other words, the coffee grounds of ideal size and shape can be described as “breadcrumbs.”. And now, place those grounds into the machine.

3. Boil The Water, Then Let It Cool In 1 Minute

Prepare 4 cups of water. (Or, less if you intend to brew less than 32 coffee ounces,). Boil the water in the stovetop or electric kettle prepared before, and then let it cool in about 1 minute before brewing the coffee. The ideal water temperature now is 195°F. If you want to make sure that the water now is in correct temperature, check again with a thermometer. Alternatively, if you have an impressive newer kettle which has custom temperature settings, simply select button of “coffee.”

4. Pour The Water Into The Machine

Pour the whole 4 cups of hot water into the machine

5. Mix The Content

Make constant up and down motion to stir the content of water and ground coffees – Overturn within 4 minutes

Let the machine overturn in 4 minutes for a robust brew.

6. Plunge The Machine

As the timer gives signals of being off, compass the whole plunger to the bottom. And now the coffee is ready for you to enjoy.

What To Note?

Although the instructions above are good, you still should refer to some note to make sure that the process will end with your desired result and you do not have to invest too much effort or trials. There are two notes for you to consider.

1. Make The French Press First

We didn’t include this step above to make things simple and you won’t get confused, but it makes great contribution to fine coffee in the end. If it is possible I mean if you have enough time, spend some minutes heating the water to boiling then wash and dry the brewer, using that hot water to warm the brewer.

2. Make Use Of A Carafe

If you are too busy to drink the coffee once after it is made, do not let it stay in the brewer as it will become bitter. The solution here is to pour it into a thermal carafe to keep it warm for long.

Ok, here are essential things to prepare when it comes to make a perfect cup of coffee with a French Press. They are simple, right? And a lot of coffee drinkers are following it. So if you own a French Press and are looking for a better way to brew coffee with it, why don’t you follow this instruction?

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