How to make your Keurig last longer?

Investing in a Keurig to brew coffee is a wise choice. Do you want to keep such an excellent machine longer with you instead of investing in a new one? This honest article is for those who want to protect their Keurig in the right way for better performance and longer life. You like it, right? So let’s start!


Use filtered or distilled water for brewing, say no with tap or spring water

This is the first thing to do if you want your Keurig to be in good condition. Using filter or distilled water, you can eliminate the possibility of the minerals formed inside the machine and result in kids of havoc. This is one of the most popular mistakes that Keurig users commit. They like the convenience of tap and spring water without thinking of its drawbacks. And it is that habit that cause early deaths of their machine.

Descale the machine periodically with Keurig’s solution or purified white vinegar

Most Keurig machines have a sensor to alert you about descaling time, however, you had better note this yourself by writing it on your calendar. Set a period of every eight weeks. About descaling solution, Keurig descaling solution or purified white vinegar is recommended. To make sure that you are descaling in correct manner, refer to the descaling instruction coming with the machine or some other reliable source.

Only take parts approved by Keurig when making a part replacement

If you go around a market or even a store major in coffee maker machines, you will find dozen of “Kcups” models. These models are often in low price, but with no warranty and then cannot a good choice for your Keurig. Remember that it took Keurig years to research and develop optimal Kcups, so they cannot be replaced easily by others like this. If you still rely on that cheap and eay-to-find kcups, you are contributing to shorten your brewer’s life. So how to make sure that you are investing in a correct product? Yeah, it is so simple. Let’s check the seal.

Look for a commercial grade machine

Keurig is now available with 2 lines, one is for home use, and the other is for commercial use. Many people assure that commercial brewers are supposed to serve office use only, so they shouldn’t be brought at home. Plus, we have product for home use, why do we have to take that of commercial. Yeah, they have their own reasons to believe that. But home commercial brewers are suggested even for home use because of its solidity and productivity. The issue here is that commercial brewers are difficult to find. To make sure that you are investing a good machine, we recommend buying the machine from a Keurig Authorized Distributor, such distributors often sell the products online but sometimes in a local retail shop as well. And in term of models, check the model with its number higher than 100, for example B145, B150, which are all commercial machines, while models like B40, B50… are home machines. Or for the easiest choice, look for a B/K145. This is the most cost-effective and durable brewer available on the market now.  Plus, it offers a diversity pack of coffee to boot!

Never pour anything in your machine, except for water and Kcup coffee

This advice seems to be strange and funny, but have you ever got the idea of pouring milk in the water reservoir to make hot chocolate. Personally, I myself did. And now I find it such a silly mistake.

Even if that your machine is now free, never think of pouring some other things into it to make any special things you have thought of.  Remember that Keurig is like your friend, it helps you to start your day with your favored fresh and hot coffee. So do not mix such pure and nice flavor with anything else. Doing like this, not only are you saying goodbye with your favorite drink on the next day, you are also damaging your beloved Keurig gradually.

Yeah, above are 5 proven tips to protect your Keurig and make it work more effectively and durably. How many of them have you done? Let’s follow to have your Keurig worked for you as effectively as possible.

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