How to Prime a Keurig Coffee Maker?

You may have run into the “Prime” error message at one time with your Keurig machine. It is because of the fact that the water can run through the reservoir, which is caused by the out-of- alignment water reservoir, dirty reservoir, or debris clogged needles. Luckily, these issues are all easy to fix just by cleaning your brewer and checking with a water brew cycle. Below are detailed instructions on what to clean and how to clean each.


Cleaning the water reservoir

As I mentioned earlier, dirty water reservoir is one of the cause of a “prime” error with Keurig. So lets’ try cleaning with, following the below steps:

Take out the water reservoir

Pull the lid of the water reservoir, and get the water reservoir out of your brewer. Do not do cleaning immediately, try re-installing first in case that the reservoir is out of alignment. In this step, please make sure that there is no air bubbles in the reservoir. If the issue gets no improvement, think of the second reason, which is related to dust.

 Clean the reservoir

  • Prepare soft dish soap along with a non-abrasive cloth, and clean the reservoir. Remember to approach around the outlets both on the inside and outside of the part
  • Wash and dry carefully to make sure that there is no soap left in the reservoir. This process may have to be done several times to eliminate all residue
  • Wait some minutes for the art to be air dry, preventing lint in the reservoir

Re-assemble the reservoir

  • As the reservoir is dried, re-install it in the machine. Note that if there is a water filter attached, put it in the reservoir before installing
  • Check to ensure that the part is correctly placed and air bubble free

Run a brewing cycle with water only

  • Add water into the reservoir, reaching the “Max” line. Do not let the reservoir overfill. Turn on the brewer and place an empty cup on the tray to catch the water
  • Do not add any K-cup during this. Pull out and lower the handle, but with the portion pack holder empty
  • Power the machine on and start a brewing cycle with water only

Repeat the process a few times to flush the brewer.

Cleaning the Needles

If the issue is not due to the water reservoir, it is due to the needle. Let’s clean it, following the steps below.

Turn the power off

Turn off the machine and unplug it from the outlet

Take out the portion pack holder

Lift up the handle and grasp the top of the holder tightly. Make a pushing under the holder as long as it departs from the housing.

Remove the holder

Grasp the holder’s sides with one hand and take the funnel out the holder’s bottom with the other. This will take you some effort if you have removed the funnel from the holder.

Clean the exit needle’s hole

  • Identify the hole under the portion holder
  • Make it straight with a metal paper clip and remove any remaining participles with such clip
  • Note that you cannot reach every corner in the exit needle because the opening is not on top of the hole, it is to the side

Clean the funnel and the holder

  • Wash and dry the funnel and the holder with warm running water. Pick any debris if any
  • As the holder includes a sharp needle, washing and rinsing with care or you will hurt yourself
  • If you want, you can put these parts on the top shelf of a dishwasher

Clean the entry needle

  • Pull out the handle and pay attention to the under part of the brewer head. The two holes in the entrance needle should be also noticed
  • Pick up debris if any with a paper clip. One more time, be careful or you cut yourself with the sharp entrance needle

Re-assemble the portion holder

  • Put the funnel into its position in the holder by adjusting the slots on the sides
  • Reinstall the holder back to the housing by adjusting the tabs on the holder to be line with the opening. As the holder is correctly lined up, it will snap into place
  • Grasp the brewer handle to make sure that the brewer is sturdy while you insert the holder

Run a brewing cycle with water only

  • Add water into the reservoir, reaching the “mix’ line and put a cup on the tray
  • Press “brew” button to run a cycle with water only to remove debris left

Cleaning Filter Screen

“Prime” message can be also dealt with by cleaning filter screen with the steps below.

Turn your machine off

Turn off  the machine and take it from the power outlet before cleaning the filter screens.

Take out the reservoir

Remove the water reservoir from the machine and empty all water inside it

If there is a water filter attachment, take it out before adding the water.

Clean the base port

On the base holding the reservoir, you will find a small opening, which is called the base port. Clean it, using a damp cloth.

Clean the filter

  • The water reservoir often includes a mesh screen filter and a port which need to be done first. Get your sink ready and let streaming water run through the filter for debris removal
  • Put and keep the lid in its place in the reservoir with your hand. Give the filter a further rinse by shaking the reservoir a few times with the water inside
  • Turn over the reservoir and run water through the port inside. If there is debris inside, remove it with your finger. The spring in the port also needs to be cleaned, so as the water is running over the port, compress the spring several times with your hand to loose any exiting build up

Re-install the reservoir

  • Reinstall the reservoir to its position on the base. If the machine has a water filter attachment, remember to put in in the reservoir before do the reservoir installation
  • Pour water into the reservoir and put a cup on the tray. Start running a water-only brewing cycle to finish the process

Here are three solutions to prime your machines. They have been proven through success of a lot of users. So do you want to give it a try?

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