How To Replace The Coffee Press Filter?

Coffee Press or French Press is one of the most favorite coffee makers around the world. It impresses users with stronger coffee flavor and simple but effective performance. But do you know what the main part that makes the machine different from others is? That is filter; however, French Press filter easily gets worn out after extended use and need to be replaced. My honest article today will show you how to replace the coffee French Press filter correctly to have fine coffee in the end. Let’s take a look, you will find things so easy and you can total do yourself without having to ask for help from a mechanic.

How To Replace The Coffee Press Filter

1. When To Replace The French Press Filter?

Beside some French Presses which have problems with filter after being used a certain period of time, some are not produced differently (they are designed to get creases at the edge of the filter, making the grounds come up the sides), which finally make the filters deteriorate quickly. And once you find your filters deteriorate and your brewed coffee has strange taste. It’s time you replace the filter for your machine.

2. What To Prepare?

Before starting replacing the filter, make sure that all necessary parts and equipment are ready. They include:

  • Replacement mesh filter (if necessary)
  • Replacement metal filter (if necessary)
  • A screwdriver

3. How To Replace The French Press Filter?

Replacement process includes some steps as follow:

  • Gently take the plunger out of the machine. Keep the carafe carefully until you need it
  • Unscrew the bottom part of the plunger in clockwise direction till it gets separated. In the plunger, the parts are divided into three different categories, including the filter cross plate, filter spiral plate and mesh filter. If you do not remember their correct order inside the French Press, note this for easy reinstallation later
  • Put other parts aside from the mesh filter. Check the mesh filter to know whether or not it has any damage or fraying around the edges which make excess coffee grounds run with your brewed coffee
  • If the filter is in good condition, inspect the filter spiral plate for damage. In fact, this part rarely gets damaged, but it doesn’t mean that it cannot happen, so check for exact process
  • Call the manufacturer or the retailer where you bought the French Press for the replacement filters for your specific model. Replacement filters are normally available and even interchangeable with other filter brands
  • Clean the replacement filter with soap and clean water. Let it air dry or use a towel
  • It’s time to put the plunger parts of your French Press together with the replacement filter, of course

4. What To Note?

Providing that you follow the instruction above properly, you will successfully replace the filter for your French Press. But there are also some tips and warnings that you should follow to carry out the process easier, avoid possible accidents and gain desired results. There are two important things you need to remember, including:

  • Contact the manufacturer or retailer where you bought your French Press to know whether or not the parts for your model are under warranty
  • Be careful during taking out the damaged mesh filter. Its edges can get frayed and become sharp due to damaged, so it can cut you. In addition to this, only inspect the mesh filter when there is enough light or you will get injured
  • It is said that Fine metal mesh filter lasts longer in comparison with nylon filters, so invest in Fine metal mesh filter for your French Press for the least replacement time possible
  • The two things that you often do when it comes to investing a French Press are:

– You often invest in a cheap one and hope that it will run fine between 6 months and a year.

– You tend to spend money fixing the issues rather than replace solve it yourself.

I recommend investing in a mid-priced Bodum press. These machines are affordable and offer replacement parts, and the brewed coffee is as good as others of higher price. These products are currently used in a lot of restaurants all over the world.

Final Words

Ok, so now, replacing French Press filter is not matter any more, right? You can do yourself without the help from a mechanic. Specially, the process is simple and the result is guaranteed. Becoming doctor for your own French Press is great, right?

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