How to use a Keurig coffee maker

Keurig coffee maker is one of the quickies and easiest solution to make coffee and other beverages as well. Below are secrets to brew a fine hot beverage.


Step 1: Get the machine ready

Turn on the machine

Connect the cord of your Keurig machine to the nearest power outlet; push the power button, which is normally on the machine’s upper right panel.

Fill the water reservoir

  • Pull out the lid of the water reservoir, often found on one of the left side or back side of the machine. Then either lift the reservoir from the left side to fill it or add desired amount of water into the back reservoir, using a cup or mug
  • Do not let the water level above the “ Mix fill” line in the reservoir
  • Filtered or spring water is recommended as hard water may leave more mineral formation over time

Put  your cup under the fountain

  • Place your cup the drip tray plate, under the spout to catch the brewed beverage
  • If you us a mug instead of, slightly move the drip tray and put the mug on the under base

Step 2: Brewing your coffee

Place the K-cup

  • Pull out the handle on the front of the brewer an insert the K-cup inside
  • It’s not necessary to make any action on the seal on the K-cup, simply insert it into the machine. The brewer goes through holes in the seal and the K-cup’s bottom as you close the lid for the water to flow through when brewing

Start brewing

  • It’s up to your models, you may have to press the “Brew” button or select a mug size to begin the brewing
  • If your model requires you to choose a brew size, pick one among “Small Cup” (5.25 oz.), “Small Mug” (7.25 oz.), or “Large Mug” (9.25 oz.)
  • Let everything happen, do not move your cup or pull out the top handle while brewing
  • This process lasts around 1-2 minutes

Get your cup

  • Get your cup from the drip plate as soon as no liquid poured from the machine
  • If the cup is overflowed, choose the smaller size or use the larger cup for the next brewing. In contrast, if  the cup is not full enough, choose a larger size, use the smaller cup or consider the user instruction to make check for blockages or other possible problems

Step 3: Cleaning the Keurig after brewing

Take out the used K-cup

  • Pull the top handle out to get the used K-cup and bring it to a trash can
  • The used K-cup is very hot so be careful when handling it

Clean the Keurig brewer’s elements occasionally

  • Clean your machine once you find mineral buildup, stains, or even a full drip plate tray
  • Make the exterior parts clean with a soft damp cloth and soap
  • Slide the drip tray out to empty and then rinse it, using water and soap
  • If desired, you can place the K-cup pack holder (which is originally designed under the top handle) in the top rack of the dishwater as the cycle is in low temperature. Clean parts separately and never submerge the whole brewer into water or any other liquid

Descale every 3 to 6 months

  • Descale your machine 2 to four time a year to get rid of calcium or lime scales which are bring formed in the machine from the natural mineral quantity. Prepare 20-48 ounces of undiluted white vinegar and a ceramic mug
  • Pour the white vinegar into the water reservoir and put the ceramic mug on the drip tray. Then start the cleaning brewing by pressing “Brew”
  • Do not use a K-cup here and the resulting hot vinegar should be discarded in the mug into a sink. If you want, you can repeat the process with another vinegar cycle, or simply with fresh water. No matter what you use, one more cycle with just water is necessary. And remember to let the water reservoir dry thoroughly before the next using time

Keep your Keurig

After cleaning, place your machine upright and keep it in a dry environment which is neither too hot nor exposed to freezing.

With such complete and honest information, are you using your Keurig machine in right way? If yes, congratulations, if “no’, it’s time to change to get the most benefits from this great machine.

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