Keurig K425 vs K525: Which one is “the one”?

Keurig K425 vs K525. These two machines may seem very similar at an initial glance, but are they really?

The two machines actually differ in a few key ways. Some of these differences will make the buying decision a LOT easier, and a few others will make you go “meh”.

Let’s dive into the differences first, and then we’ll also dive into a mini review of each model.



The key differences between the K425 and K525

  1. Capacity: The K425 has a 70 ounce water reservoir, whereas the K525 has a 80 ounce water reservoir.
  2. Display size: The K425 has a 2.4″ display, and the K525 has a 2.8″ display.
  3. Water filter kit and reusable My K-Cup: These two items are included with the K525.
  4. Nightlight: This feature is only found in the K525
  5. Custom wallpapers: This feature is only found in the K525

Now for the fun part. Which of these features are really necessary, and which are meh?

Capacity to me is not that important. In my house it’s just three people, and even between three of us, we don’t drink THAt much of coffee per day. So an 80 ounce reservoir or a 70 ounce reservoir, it doesn’t make a difference.

The display size is actually quite significant. Even though the difference is less than half an inch, the distance is measured diagonally, so it’s actually a lot larger than it would seem.

The water filter kit and reusable My K Cup are packaged with most 525 models, but I did find some listings on sites where the 525 was a standalone machine. If you are getting the K Cup and filter, then it’s a good deal, especially if you like to brew your own coffees rather than be limited to the kind of K cups you can buy ready.

The filter is also very useful if you live in an area with hard water(trust me, I know – I’ve spent 4 days once descaling an old coffee machine that had been lying unused for a couple of years).

The last two features, the nightlight and wallpapers are rather gimmicky and I don’t often change the background on my laptop, let alone my coffee machine.

Keurig K425 Mini Review

The Keurig K425 is one of the first machines Keurig made that had the capacity to brew a single cup or a whole carafe at the same time. Equipped with a generously sized 70 oz water tank, the K425 can make a lot of coffee/beverage in one go.

The touch screen display is intuitive and easy to use. Just select the strength of the beverage and the size, and you’re good to go – the machine will brew it and get it ready in 1 minute.

You also have the ability to control temperature, which is great for fine-tuning the flavor you want.

Keurig K525 Mini Review

The K525 can be thought of as the bigger, stronger brother to the K425. It can do everything the K425 does, but it has a larger tank(80 oz) so you can squeeze out one extra cup of coffee, plus a wider range of beverage sizes.

There is also a built in nightlight(like you read above), but honestly, this seems overkill and unnecessary. It’s like one of those features that manufacturers add to justify a higher price point or to make a product seem more appealing.

Between these two machines, in all honesty, it’s just a toss up. Check out the condensed version below to help make a decision!

So which will it be?

The Keurig K425 is the right machine for you if:

  • You already have a K-Cup or filter, or you can live without them
  • You don’t mind having 10 ounces less capacity
  • You don’t mind not having a coffee maker that doubles as a backlight

The Keurig K525 is the right machine for you if:

  • You’d like to have a larger water tank
  • You want ALL the bells and whistles
  • You like looking at a larger screen


Keurig K425 vs K525: Which one is “the one”?
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